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How to redeem vouchers?

Having a voucher from muvi Cinemas and you wish to redeem? Here you go with easy steps of how to enjoy and redeem your voucher:

Ticket Voucher Redemption

Through Muvi website go to

1. Choose your movie

2. Select the showtime

3. Book your desired seat/s

4. At the payment checkout, you will notice a text box for voucher holders

5. Insert the voucher code

6. Tickets available in the voucher will be applied to the selected seats directly

7. There is an option to add another voucher code if available

8. In case the number of tickets purchased are more than what is available within the voucher, you will be able to pay the balance through the available payment method.

Food and Beverage Voucher Redemption

While you are at our Cinemas, and once you have selected your favorite food and beverages from our menu at the concession, please present the voucher you are having to the cashier, who will apply the discount or free items based on what's available in the voucher.