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Operator's and Consumer's Code of Conduct 


This website is run by us: (muvi Cinemas Co.) 

When using our website you must comply with the terms and conditions of
use. We may change these terms and conditions over time, so please read them
every time you use this website. By continuing to use this website, you accept
the current terms and conditions of use. If you don't agree with these terms
and conditions pls refrain from using this website. 

Cinema viewers obligations 




1. Viewers must refrain from talking or communicating in any manner that
is disruptive to other viewers whilst the movie in playing. Please be
considerate to your neighbour 


Eating & smoking 


1. Eat and drink quietly to avoid disturbing other viewers.

2. Customers with Suites tickets can enjoy unlimited popcorn and soda; however, refilling to take outside the cinema is not permitted.  

3. Smoking is strictly prohibited within cinema complex 

4. Movie Recording Viewers are strictly prohibited from video recording
or taking pictures of any trailer or movie within the cinema 

5. Movie Attendance Viewers are required to arrive on time to avoid
disturbing other viewers 


Seating & Ticketing 


1. Viewers are not allowed to place their feet or shoes on cinema seats 


2. Viewers must retain their ticket stub; failing to show a ticket upon
request or sitting in an unassigned seat is prohibited 


3. Clothing Viewers must wear appropriate clothing and footwear that are
aligned with KSA values and culture 




1. Viewers should ensure their children are not left unattended and
should try to minimize noise and disruption 


2. Infants are not permitted inside theatres 




1. Cinema operator reserves the right to check your bags brought into the




1. Viewers should refrain from using any electronic devices (including
phones, tablets or gaming devices and laser) during the movie 


2. Failing to follow instructions employees, is prohibited 


3. Viewers are not allowed to verbally or physically harass operator's


Operator's obligations towards viewers 


Venue condition: shall ensure their venues are maintained and in good condition 


Staffing: shall provide highly trained staff that are capable to manage
and handle client inquiries, requests and complaints 


Movie selection: shall provide a variety of movies that cater to
different consumers backgrounds, ages and preferences 


Ticket type availability: should aim to have different ticket pricing and
that matches consumer needs 


Food & Beverage: shall have for sale various food & beverages 


Movie Experience 


1. Operator should aim to provide quality experience by having cinema
screens, seating, projectors and sound systems in line with international
cinema standards 


2. Operator should start movies on time without any prolonged delays 


Operator's obligations toward GAMR 




1. Operator shall abide by the standards, rules & regulations
mentioned in the licenses covering activity, duration etc. 


2. If any of the information contained in the license have changed after
the issuance of the license, the related operator must inform GAMR of this


Movie Rating 


1. Operator shall abide by the rating set by GAMR for the related movies;
rating must be showcased on the tickets, scheduling screens and any related
advertising material. 


2. Each cinema operator should have a copy of the film rating certificate
from the distributor 


Local production support Operator shall ensure that sufficient locally
produced movies are broadcasted within their venues to ensure the promotion and
development of the local production industry. 


Information provision Operator shall at any time provide GAMR with any
cinema related information and any other cinema related data when required. 


Field monitoring and support Operator should cooperate with and
facilitate the work of the field monitoring and control officers during their
site visits 


Complaint management Operator should channel any GAMR related complaint
to GAMR customer service department in order to take the necessary actions 


Movie termination Operator must terminate the exhibition of any movie
deemed inappropriate by GAMR monitoring and control officers 


General Terms and Conditions 


Returns Policy 


1. Movie tickets sold online for muvi Cinemas are done so on a no
returns, exchange or cancellation basis. Refunds or complimentary passes will
not be issued for incorrect selection of movies, cinema locations, showtimes,
dates, ratings. Please review your booking summary carefully and double check
that the session and ticket information is correct, before proceeding to
checkout. By completing your transaction and by clicking on the Purchase Now
button, you agree to accept this policy. 


Intellectual Property 


1. muvi own all of the material on this website. This includes all text,
designs, logos, graphics, computer programs, audio, video and code (including
HTML) in any form. Unless stated otherwise in these terms and conditions of
use, none of the material on this website may be reproduced, downloaded,
distributed, copied, republished, displayed or transmitted in any form
whatsoever without our written permission. We grant you permission to view this
website with a web browser provided that you do not: 


2. Modify the material on this website. 


3. Resell the material on this website. 


4. Create derivative works from the material on this website. 


5. We may withdraw this permission at any time without notice to you. 


6. We may in our absolute discretion publish on this website material or
information that you submit to us for: 


7. Participation in competitions. 


8. A personal film review. 


9. Any other reason. 


10. By submitting information or material to us you grant to us an
irrevocable, perpetual, royalty-free, non-exclusive, worldwide licence to: 


11. Use, reproduce, modify, sublicense, redistribute, adapt, transmit,
publish, broadcast and display that information. 


12. material and create derivative works from it. 


13. Sublicense any of the forgoing rights to third parties. 




1. You must not create a hyperlink to this website unless we give you our
express permission in writing. 


Newsletter Subscription 


1. By accepting our T&Cs, you consent to receive our newsletters on
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In using this website, you must not: 


1. Disrupt the operation or security of this website or any accounts,
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2. Use this website in a way that may harass, annoy or disrupt any third
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3. Submit any unlawful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene,
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4. Submit any material of any kind which contains a virus or other
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5. Modify or delete any content on this website or add any content to
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6. Attempt to gain unauthorised access to any part of this website. 


7. We reserve the right to cooperate fully with any law enforcement
authority in any jurisdiction in respect of any lawful direction or request to
disclose the identity or other information in respect of anyone posting any
materials which violate any applicable or relevant law. 


Security and Accuracy of Information 


1. This website may vary from time to time. 


Third party sites 


You may be able to access third party sites from this website. We do not
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Common law duty of care. We do not assume any common law duty of care
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