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House Rules


In the cinema:

  • All customers must have a valid cinema ticket for their movie screening. Children aged under 3 years of age are not permitted in the cinema.

The following is not permitted in the cinema complex:

  • Food and drinks purchased outside the cinema complex
  • Smoking of cigarettes or e-cigarettes.
  • Filming and/or photographing inside the auditorium

In the auditorium:

  • Do not use your mobile phone
  • Do not put your feet on the seats

The cinema has the right

  • To ask for an ID of a customer if the movie rating has established a certain age limit or to determine whether the customer is eligible for a discount ticket
  • To refuse to sell cinema tickets to a person whose age is under the limit established by the movie rating, even if the person is accompanied by an adult;
  • To reject the admit of children below the age of 3 years old to family films, even if they sit on the lap of a parent or guardian who has a valid adult ticket during the entire screening
  • All show times are subject to change without prior notice
  • All movie ratings are subject to censorship and rated by GCAM

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